A World of Mystery.
A World of Danger...
...The World of Changes.

Tempting Fate

A world of Lies and Secrets.

Welcome to Tempting Fate

They Are Still On It.

But When The Crossroads Appear, Will They Take The Right New Path?

Will It Be The One Leading to Light?

Or Will They Use Up The Last Chance Nature Gave Them?

There Is No Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Because Life In Regya Is Not Like A Tunnel

It Is A Maze Of Paths With Many Twists And Turns

And A Thousand Years Ago, They Went In The Direction, On The Path That Led Them To Darkness. 

...And You?...Which Path will You Take?

The Present:

After the War, the world is different. Covered by forest. The races are almost extinct...at least: there are very few people left. The ones that have managed to survive live in two Villages or small Cities- simply known as Tribes. 

They are still rivals, and hold the long-lasting grudge. Few dare venture too far... the Forest is filled with legendary, dangerous beasts...things few dare speak of; not to mention the outlaw bands.

The Prophecy:

There was a time, centuries ago...when all the Races lived in peace. Many many Races, not just the ones that are still alive today. There were harpies, gnomes, griffins...even dragons. They all lived in a world called Regya. Back then: the world was ruled by Elfies. There were two kingdoms...the Broigord Kingdom and the Sevynnon Kingdom. They didn't have good relations. The Elfy kings decided that their children were to be married- to unite both kingdoms into one. Adraeea, the daughter of the Sevynnon King had fallen in love with someone else...but accepted because her Father said it was her duty to the people. Still, everyone knew it was an arranged marriage. The day of the marriage: the Broigord King's son was assassinated- shot in the heart with an arrow. Adraeea was blamed. The truth? Well, only the spirits know. No evidence was present, but confusion arose and the Broigords declared war.

No one knows how long the Great War continued...only that it went on for no less than a century. After a while, all the people knew was that their world was in destruction. The races fought against each other; many wiped out during its time. No one had the strength to fight anymore. They had wrecked not only themselves, but the environment around them. The world plunged into darkness. Nothing grew...the water was poisonous. The life began to slowly drain from the world until any civilization had all but died out. Then something happened. Something that seemed like a curse and miracle at the same time. Plantlife appeared; but it wasn't normal plantlife. From the chemicals: the plants began to grow. They grew as tall as hills...and kept growing. It seemed like nature was determined to preside over the civilizations. But it was still a blessing for the few people left. The plants provided food, shelter, and fresh, non-poisonous water. The humans mostly stood back during the war: they were always considered the lowest of the Races because they possessed no gifts or powers, and the other races had thought them too worthless to ask for help. After a while, the humans began to multiply once more and spread out into numerous towns and cities throughout the vast forest. Soon they began to question the existence of the other Races- convinced they were the only one. No humans that had seen a magical being were still alive, and they began to think that the other Races were stories and legends. That was not true, however. The Elfy Race, Mage Race and Shapeshifter Race were the only others left...or so the races themselves thought. Many didn't suspect that a few other magical beings of different Races- perhaps no more than a couple- could still be alive, doing their best to find each other and survive. The Elfies, Mages and Shifters grouped together, mostly into two tribes...they became The Soaring Tribe and the Bounding Tribe. Others decided to live on their own, for their own reasons. All these people were determined to survive amongst this jungle, to take what nature offered them.

The two Tribes didn't exactly flourish at first, but they soon were able to get a grip on their new life and began adapting. Ranks were formed, and everything became a bit more organized. Even though the War had long since "ended;" the two Tribes still didn't have very good relations...the hatred still lives, and small wars still rage throughout the Forest. They fiercly protect their Territory not only from each other, but also from the Outlaws and Rogues that travel the Forest. They also made sure to conceal their villages so the humans wouldn't find them. That wasn't a very big risk, however...most of the humans always preferred to stay in their cities and not wander the Forest. Unfortunately, it doesn't end at that. The Forest may provide a way to live: but it's also deadly. The difference between a poisonous and an edible fruit can be from the length of its leaves. Flesh-eating plants also grow throughout this jungles' length. When night falls: the Creatures come out...though there's no promise they don't roam the Forest in daytime, too. Most are the size of horses- and they can live on both the trees and ground. Yes, the chemicals seemed to affect them, too. At one point: they began attaking the Tribes in packs, killing off people by the dozen. That was when the Spirits seemed to take pity on the people, and created Guardians. They are the sole reason any civilization is still alive.

If you don't know how: you won't last here long. 
So how about it, stranger? 
Go ahead, tempt your fate.
See if you can survive in this world.

Entrance to the Forest

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